Welcome to the documentation portal for Adobe Target's server-side SDKs!

Through Adobe Target's server-side SDKs, you can:

  • Execute and run feature flagging, rollouts, and A/B experiments at near-zero latency.

  • Deliver experiences across web, including SPAs, and mobile channels, as well as non-browser based IoT devices such as a connected TV, kiosk, or in-store digital screen.

  • Deliver ML-driven personalized experiences to a user no matter which channel or device the user has engaged with your business.

  • Seamlessly integrate with Adobe Experience Cloud products such as Adobe Analytics, Adobe Audience Manager, and the Experience Cloud ID Service from the server side.

See the Getting Started section to learn how to run a simple feature flagging use case via on-device decisioning.

See the SDK Reference Guides to familiarize yourself with each API method.

Check out our Sample Apps to have fun and play around!